Ready for Fall! Fall Landscaping Tips

We are all ready for fall and cooler temperatures after such a hot summer. Temperatures are already lower, the holidays are around the corner, and right now is the best season to plant! The combination of cooler days and nights allows the soil to sit at the ideal temperature to promote root growth for all your trees and plants.  

This is why fall is the best time to plant new trees and plants. The roots of your new plants are able to grow and establish best during this time of year. Fall brings many benefits for your landscape as well as opportunities to set your yard up for further success in the coming months. 

Fall Landscaping Tips

Here are 5 Fall landscaping tips to improve your landscaping this Fall:

1. Check your sprinkler system

With the cooler evening and nighttime temperatures, now is the best time to check your watering system. The ground will not be drying as quickly as it was during the summer heat, which means your trees and plants will not need as frequent watering. How much should you be watering your plants during the fall then? 

How often you should water your trees and plants during the fall months will depend on the types of trees and plants that are in your landscape. For many varieties, watering every other or every second day is enough, but the amount of water you needed will always depend on the specific plant material in your landscape.

2. Fall is the Best Time of Year to Plant in Texas 

Due to the extremely hot summer and drought, many of us have dead plants and bushes. Now is a great time to consider planting new plants, bushes, and trees. Planting now gives your new trees, plants, or palms the best conditions to establish strong, healthy root systems before the spring and summer growing seasons.

3. Fertilizing for Healthy Growth 

Fall is also the best time to fertilize everything in your yard after the summer months. All your trees, palms, shrubs, and other plants will take full advantage of the nutrients and fertilizers you use during the fall season.  We prefer all MicroLife products.

4. Tree Care, Pruning, and Trimming 

After the summer, some of your trees and plants may be showing signs of stress. Now is the best time to trim off any dead or burnt branches from your landscape. It is important not to trim more than 1/3 of the tree or plant at any one time.  

Once you trim, be sure to water and add in your fertilizers. Fertilizers can encourage healthy root growth and help your plants recover from the stresses of summer.

5. Mulching

Fall in Texas is a great time for mulching, not only in helping retain moisture but in helping to insulate the soil in the winter months.

JMAS provides mulching services and offers solutions to retain the wall construction for flowerbeds that could use some extra help.

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